California Notice (CCPA)

Sikhiarts declaration on supply chain transparency june 1, 2022
On january 1, 2012, california’s transparency in supply chain act of 2010 became law. Since then, producers and sellers that satisfied the requirement’s criterion have an obligation to give consumers easy access to details about their efforts and the actions they’ve taken to combat human trafficking and modern slavery in their supply chains.
The required declaration issued by Sikhiarts ltd can be found on our us site at the following link:, us site, on both the website and the mobile application.
Supply chain transparency is very important to us here at Sikhiarts. As a result, we’d want to lay out our plan for combating contemporary forms of slavery, such as forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking.
Company organization and supply chain
The nyse ticker symbol for our company, litb, indicates that we are a global business-to-consumer (b2c) online retailer. We ship goods to consumers all around the world straight from the manufacturers and wholesalers that stock them. We’ve expanded to over 140 countries because of the quality and low cost of the goods we sell. To reach our target audience, we take advantage of google and other worldwide web marketing platforms like facebook. We ship internationally using dhl, ups, and ems, and we accept all major credit cards and electronic payment platforms including paypal, worldpay, and global collect. The website Sikhiarts limited and the accompanying mobile application are owned and operated by Sikhiarts limited. Most of the raw materials, manufacturing partners, and finished goods that go into our products were all supplied from china.
We’ve established standards that assure our verification method abides by the california transparency in supply chain act of 2010. Before becoming one of our official suppliers, the prospective ones must go through a series of checks and balances designed to ensure they are up to snuff. To learn more, have a look at our code of conduct for the supply chain (or “code of code conduct,” for short). Our technical requirements for suppliers and manufacturers include i compliance with the international labor organization’s convention on forced labor and ii) compliance with national law pertaining to slave labor, child labor, prison labor, minimum wage payment, and overtime-work compensation. To ensure compliance with the modern slavery regulations, we implement the back-to-back provision in our contract with the suppliers. If it comes to our attention that any of our suppliers have violated the agreement or code of conduct, or have failed to provide us with timely reports, we will immediately cease working with them and initiate legal action against them.
Do your research
We shall do our own research out of an abundance of caution. In order to learn about the working conditions at suppliers, it is necessary to conduct interviews or communicate with them. We also routinely remind our vendors of the need of keeping records for use in risk assessments and regulatory compliance requirements.
Independent verification is optional but recommended. We don’t insist that every provider meet that standard of certification. Alternately, we randomly investigate our suppliers through the questionnaire sent to them in regards to the age of the workers, their health and job environment, and their payroll. We will evaluate our suppliers’ responses to the questionnaire and assign them a score.

Responsibility inside oneself
Each member of the Sikhiarts business team has been entrusted with this duty. Background checks on new hires involve an in-person trip to the factory. In addition, our existing policy on employee monitoring restricts any inherent sense of accountability they may have. The employee could face disciplinary action up to and including termination. The surveillance division is in charge of conducting in-house investigations and doing routine checks on the company’s suppliers.
Transparency in the supply chain training is coordinated by surveillance. Typically, the training will be conducted online, with a quiz administered biweekly. Also, the business department’s supply chain managers are on board with the landing’s transparency initiatives. When it comes to developing a responsible supply chain and ensuring labor compliance, we feel that education on the subject is crucial.
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